Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Perfect Social Media Gifts for this holiday season

If you are an addict, or you work in social media, or you just love digital technology - here are 10 perfect social media gifts for the holiday season.

1. Twitter and Facebook like cookie cutters

Have a bake -off at your office this holiday season. I adore these Twitter bird and Facebook like cookie cutters. They’re from CavidDesigns on Etsy.

2. Project your Instagrams

Get your own holiday slideshow done with this fantastic Magical Mini Projector: the slides are made from your Instagrams  so you can display your brand's pics at your end of the year function!

3. App coasters

These colourful app coasters from Etsy are a welcome addition. They're perfect for your end of the year workspace drinks.

4. Pillows for Geeks

These  pillows are a great addition for an office space. and they'd be even more perfect for the person who handles all of your social media and will need to rest! They're from Craftsquatch on etsy
5. Cameras 

People seem to love cameras and taking pics so it's the perfect gift for the person who looks after the Instagram profile in your office, or for the foodie, the designer, the photographer, or the blogger - here are 10 instant cameras for you to choose from  http://www.brit.co/instant-cameras/

I love the Fujifilm Instamax Mini it's tiny and compact and will be a great conversation starter when taking instant pictures at your next function, launch, or event. 

6. Facebook like stamp

Stamp your way through the end of the year party, or on all your completed paperwork. This like button will also make a great conversation starter. It's from Wacodis on etsy

I'm really partial to  this OMG stamp when you just don't have the words - perfect for that end of the year party and another great conversation starter -  OMG Stamp

7. Eat. Sleep. Tweet.

It feels that way sometimes. It's the perfect tee for your team - ladies size - from DesignDepot123 on etsy 

and I found a great star wars inspired Twitter tee for men - May the Tweets be with you by JazzyDesignz

8. Give Back

There are plenty of ways that you can give back to your community.

Why not host a #socialgood project at your workspace this holiday season?

You can pack birthing kits - http://www.bkfa.org.au/  - please contact the company to discuss how you can help or you can raise funds and donate as a team, or host an event by choosing an organisation or charity and pack kits, make toys, wrap presents, or hold a charity workshop lunch or afternoon tea for your end-of-the-year office party.

You can drop off dog treats, dogs and cats toys for  Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy

There are also plenty of retail outlets with gift-giving trees, where you can drop off gifts and cards for kids. Just Google what you can do/join/participate in to give back this holiday season.

If you need ideas of who you can help why not take part in #GivingTuesday on the 2nd December - http://givingtuesday.org.au/

 9. Do a Bill Gates

In 2013 Bill Gates participated in the Reddit Secret Santa gift matching. He gifted his elf with
a donation on her behalf to Heifer International  (as well as some other gifts) - http://redditgifts.com/gallery/gift/spoiler-alert-bill-gates-did-not-get-you/#pres440073

A donation to any organisation is a great gift for a coworker who you don't know too well or for someone in the office who you know would appreciate this. 
You can give cows, honeybees, goats, or a wide range of animals to a community through Heifer and the entire community benefits. There are plenty of other organisations you can donate to on behalf of someone else.


And 10. Attend a Party

Get your co-workers together and join a party who are raising funds for charity over the holiday season.

There are plenty of events, and fundraisers you can join - I love the sound of this one - Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

or 11. Just Make Stuff - the perfect gift really could just be a card thanking a coworker, a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, something homemade, or a batch of homemade cookies or biscuits. 

The holiday season is about giving - give your time - make a card with kids, host an event at your office,  wrap presents (so many organisations are wrapping presents and hosting gift events) or give your time by participating/volunteering in an event. 

Remember that social media never sleeps! - your social media will still be active and you will probably still be working but you can use these ideas to spread cheer, to be responsive, and to be interactive on all your social media profiles - http://www.verticalresponse.com/blog/5-terrific-tips-for-stellar-holiday-service-on-social-media/

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