Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It all starts with Content

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Finding Content:

• Search similar brands, blog posts, and events – perhaps even affiliate marketing, guest posts, or advertising – you can also access anyone's social media content on their websites
• Set up RSS feeds –on Feedly or bloglovin to find plenty of content
• Pocket -  via Twitter Tweets, to save articles/content to read later
• Pulse via LinkedIn
• Flipboard  -  search for anything - feel free to read my magazine full of social media tips, tools, and resources: https://flipboard.com/@ebbye/sm-training-i5hv3jv5y
• Pinterest  -  to search for anything
• Instagram -  to search for images and hashtags
• Twitter and Twitter lists -  to keep up to date with anything happening in your industry
• Facebook interests list -  to share (or gather) content to/for your business page
• Connect with other business owners, brands, people etc. online and offline - you can attend business seminars or access their social media content
• Google trends, content, and alerts
• Get listed in directories online in your industry
• Check out some of your competitors and get ideas for your own content - read/research articles, case studies, latest findings, Tweets, surveys, queries, posts, magazines, blogs, even adverts, launches, and campaigns to get ideas for your content – a lot of research is needed!
• Find out about all the latest brands, products news online, in articles, newsletters, etc. to use or address later

Content for future use:

• Search! Everything (anywhere) - articles, links, studies, news, government websites, industry sites, blogs, images – please make use of search!
• Read emails – if someone is asking you about something pertinent, if someone needs something, or needs to find something, or is having difficulties with something, – that is a potential blog post topic
• Subscribe to emails in your industry or within your field of expertise – organisations, support bodies, government organisations, etc.
• Plan a month ahead according to calendar of expos and events – what is happening in your area/industry this year?
• What is important for your clients to know and why?
• What would benefit your clients and why? (Tips, tools, advice, resources, etc.?)
SEARCH EVERYWHERE for content, subscribe to newsletters, and ASK for information.
• Make use of your website, Facebook searches are quite limited so make sure that your website is accessible, is mobile friendly, and has ALL the latest information people need (Do not limit your social media marketing to Facebook you will miss out on content from everywhere else)

Ideas for Content:

  -  Links to articles, websites, services, support, articles, reviews, recommendations, surveys, case studies and other resources
- Suggestions – tips, tools, and advice directly from your business
- Daily wisdom, proverbs, or quotes (use as fillers)
• Help people – provide your own content or OTHER resources, great studies, articles, posts, or links etc. To help people solve problems/find answers is the best thing you can do to promote your brand.
• Participate in the relevant hashtags of events/expos/conferences in your industry such as the beauty expos and USE those hashtags e.g.#beautyexpo2015. (Make sure you are using the correct hashtags by searching on Google or tagboard.com for them first!)
• Post the latest updates from your blog along with the link.
• Direct people to other social media channels you have by Tweeting about them.
• Give tips about your services on the basis of your industry expertise. Tips (image tips which can be shared or even pinned!) work well everywhere.

So ...

• Use content from your site or blog posts
• Use a mix of your own images or share/use other people’s images – these all have to be on brand
• Use Call To Action buttons and posts - http://www.magentosite.com/blog/creative-solutions-call-to-action-buttons-magento-store-designs/
• Use hashtags only when relevant such as #crueltyfreebeauty  - CHECK every hashtag carefully before using
• Choose quality content which is relevant and valuable to the people who have liked your page – share other people’s/pages content – especially things you feel will help your audience connect with your brand
• Be consistent and on brand to build an audience – then you can ask people questions and build a community
• Post relevant videos – make sure they are short (and on brand)
• Thank people who like your page and offer rewards, specials, discounts, or incentives (later on)

Need content?
Try my Facebook list: https://www.facebook.com/lists/10153036927300304
or Flipboard magazine: https://flipboard.com/@ebbye/sm-training-i5hv3jv5y  
for social media training tips, tools, resources, and advice.
Try, Instagram, search Twitter, and Pinterest for valuable content for your own business and brand.

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions: http://ebbyeryan.wix.com/socialstatus#!__contact and I will customise training for your business.

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