Saturday, April 26, 2014


I am a huge fan of resources. I love finding content, reading about the latest social media news, and finding out everything I can because it really helps me with my social media training.

I have spent the past few months writing courses - if you are interested in Pinterest for Beginners, Instagram for Beginners, or Twitter for Business - please let me know - there is a Twitter course available later this year and I am holding an Instagram talk in May (2014).
I have plenty of resources on offer and I am happy to train one-on-one, in groups/workshops/talks and even via Skype. Please feel free to contact me

Although I am not very active on this blog - I post most of my updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This really helps when I am training because I tend to save content and share during my talks and classes/courses - to help provide the best social media training services I can.

When I write courses, I spent hundreds of hours online (well it certainly feels like it!) searching for content, reading thousands of topics - here are some for you - and then writing my own talks and courses.  

So I am in the middle of writing a tech talk on Instagram for Beginners which I am presenting in May - a step-by-step guide to using Instagram for beginners. It has been a lot of fun (and took a lot of research time!) to put this together. Once the talk is over, I will share an edited version on here -

What resources do you like? What content are you always looking for to use?

I have plenty for you on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep you up to date.


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