Monday, March 5, 2012

Twitter Basics for Business

Think of Twitter as a newspaper. When you sign in; you can find, review and read Tweets that will grant you immediate access to everything that is happening in the world that day.

By using Twitter search -!/search-home - you can search for information about your industry, find resources and content and find users who are purchasing your goods and services and talking about your business, products and services online.

You can find bloggers, PR companies, journalists, interesting users, unusual content, tips, tools, resources and suggestions which will help you build engagement and shape your online business and brand.

Here are three guides and resources on how to use your Twitter account for business:

2. Twitter 101 Guide from Mashable -

Some more tips:
  • Share links about your industry or profession (from your blog, websites, other blogs and interesting news items)
  • Comment on the current affairs or hot topics of your industry or profession
  • Share resources, tips, suggestions and guides from people who you trust on twitter (read the links first and check their profiles/bios!)
  • Attend a professional event, seminar, conference or MeetUp…and share the link!
  • Recommend business or services - to build trust amongst your peers
  • ReTweet information - you have two options:
    a) You can manually type in a response then RT @awarenetconnect How to Use for Business (To do this you push the Quote Tweet option on your mobile or just hit reply then type in manually (or copy and paste on your desktop/laptop)
    b) Or you can just hit the ReTweet button - This Tweet goes to all your followers via the original source.
  • Participate in Tweet chats   -
  • Communicate with and potentially develop relationships with people that you’ve never met on Twitter; build relationships with like-minded people
  • Find people who you can learn from or who inspire you and connect with and engage with them
  • Thank people
  • Interact with people, answer questions, respond to Tweets and share information
  • Participate in #FollowFriday - This will help you find and follow relevant people in your industry, like-minded people and shared interests with others
  • Participate in #CharityWeds. For those of you who are interested in non profit organisations and working with, learning from and promoting non profit organisation, Charity Weds acts as a shout out or recommendation day for the awareness of non profit organisations world-wide.
  • Ask questions related to your industry and see what your peers following you think
  •  Mix and Match content - use blog posts, images, links to videos, links to your website, quotes, RT, ReTweets to keep your content fresh
  • Be aware of social media etiquette -
If you'd like to discuss all things social media with me and to receive social media training - group, one on one or on Skype you can find more information:

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