Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like what I do?

Social Media is a great way to communicate.

It is also a fantastic way to promote your product or service but for me, I use it to share what I have learnt along the way.

I work alongside small businesses to help promote their products and services online as well as updating what they do, or have done, or an event they are about to have and then put up pictures, say thank yous, really connect with their fans on Facebook.

Which means that their fans are getting information immediately. New event, a new fashion line, a competition, or special or giveaway, your Faceook fans who are following your business for a reason are getting what they want from the business, regular content and updates.

I like giving social media tips, things I have learnt and am learning along the way. The biggest tip I can give to you is update regularly, write blog posts, submit links, communicate, answer questions on social media, do SOMETHING every day.

Do an update, a blog post, a link, a list, an observation a review, answer questions on Twitter, Facebook, write on your blog and whatever other social media sites you use.

Because what I am really trying to teach you is that social media should be as NORMAL and as much a PART of your EVERYDAY WORK.

Updates, links, content, information, photos, blog posts should be part of what you simply do, to market your business, to promote an event or product or service or give away, to answer questions, to write content because you are responding to queries, because you are learning and reading and involving yourself on a DAILY level.

So if you want some social media marketing tips (click on) like what I do http://www.facebook.com/SocialNetworkingandMarketing

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