Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make time to integrate and update – Integrate your email and social media marketing, keeps you on track and reaches all your clients, customers and potential clients/customers.

A way to do this is via articles or newsletters updates or news via email and then linking readers to blog posts, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Then can even be a click on option to Like Facebook, comment on blog posts and subscribe to newsletters. Another option is surveys/polls especially if you are selling a service.

If it is community based, link to an event or happening within the next few months.

Ask people what they want to hear about. Do they want updates, events, education, news? Do they want to attend workshops? Do they want prizes such as cards, books, information packs on websites or social media? Ask questions, ask what they think, follow up with a question ... encourage communication.

Another option is to send important information and updates regarding websites or events happening in your industry which you are not directly involved with but which you would recommend.

All kinds of information can be used for updates and blog posts. The more you say, the more content you give out, the more you engage and communicate with your customers and clients via email marketing, social media, education, updates, news, content, other links and recommendations, the more you will drive users to your blog and sites.

Try to update as frequently as you can. Make social media a part of your marketing strategy and use tools to your advantage. Ensure you have relevant content and link to your social media sites, your website upcoming events or sites and information you have come across.

Now is the time to communicate and engage and build your social media and make it part of your business.

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