Friday, April 8, 2011

Schedule your social media

Make time for social media.

Schedule 15 minutes twice a day into your work calendars.

For the first schedule in your calendar:
Check your social media accounts, write an update or two, write a blog post, answer queries, track your industry ( updates, news, comments)

For the second schedule in your calendar: Find information, articles, facts, news, updates so you can write blogs, updates and posts. Track your industry, answer questions, respond to comments on all  your social media accounts.

By scheduling in your social media, you are making the time to write about, market, promote and communicate about your business. You are staying on top of everything happening in your industry and you are keeping people up to date on what us happening in your business.

Social media is dynamic, fast, things happen and change so quickly. Social media accounts have become a good way to keep track of all kinds of information.

Doing 30 minutes of social media work a day will give your business results!

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