Friday, January 29, 2010

So much social media advice ...

There is so much social media advice on the Internet and Twitter, I believe that social media roles are going to increase this year.

Since December I have been researching what works and doesn't with social marketing and networking and really have found that the more active and present you are on your chosen social networks, the more beneficial for business.

I have been assisting a charity and a business with their social marketing and trying to be more active in how both can get fans and followers. It has been an intriguing time.

I have also been following Mumbrella and other ad agency blogs and sites as well as social networking campaigns to develop my understanding of this world and career I love so much.

I am compiling a list of businesses, small ones which work. Some have strange names and unusual concepts, all offer a point of difference and most are very active on the social media side of things.

I will post the list soon.

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