Friday, February 5, 2010

Social Media explained ...

By I am the Client!

While I don't agree that newspapers and magazines are dead; I do agree that people are getting information via social media and they are participating more and more on social media sites.

Brands and companies who are using social media to actually engage with their consumers, which means actually listening, finding out what they like and don't like, responding to them and not just selling or branding themselves (trust me, this loses followers quickly - when you update a selling or promotional or buy this constantly) are finding themselves in the front of the whole social media game.

People are learning that we are becoming more and more interactive. That we are involved in social media, that we love companies who give away things for free like Crust Pizza who gives away a free pizza on Friday or publishing houses which give away free books after posting several questions.

I get job listings on social media and start my news searches on social media and then move to news sites like Wot News which comes with a twitter search and news analysis.

I am not sure if this means people are more informed. It does mean though that people are building relationships with companies and brands which is going beyond money. I have heard that social media has helped with customer service, with job search, with promotion, with marketing and eventually with making money.

Whether it has killed advertising I am not sure; I think it compliments it.

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