Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best and Worst

Have a look at the best and worst social media marketing examples of the year.

From TV marketing to Skittles (people are not sure if this was a fail or success) from creating cancer awareness to people misusing Dominos on YouTube and Facebook, companies now have a possibly better and more challenging way to market to people in every country.

But brands can fail and companies can fail. Airlines seem to have a greater chance of failing when it comes to flight cancellations, not letting babies on planes and not providing alternate flights or temporary accommodation. When people are upset or angry they tend to Tweet about it on mobile phones.

Companies are learning that even if they are not using social media it doesn't mean that people are not talking about them on social media. This becomes apparent when businesses or brands come onto social media sites promising giveaways or prizes or claiming to be very aware of customers and listening to customers and then failing to do so.

Ikea used Facebook to market a new store. The first person to click on the item won said item. This was an innovative and cheap way to market a brand. They got hundreds of followers and people won new products.

There are so many ways a business or brand can fail; people talk. And if they have a negative experience, customer service or purchasing experience, they will certainly tell everyone about it.

but businesses and companies are succeeding by listening to customer's and dealing with their complaints. And it seems to be working.

I follow publishing houses on Twitter, I answer questions and I have won several books this year. The publishing houses who give away prizes are gaining publishers.

People talk. Let them talk about your business and brand. And get involved with your customers, readers, shoppers, moms and teens. They're doing the talking and buying.

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