Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter ...

Do you want to build your brand? everyone, find marketing and communications people on Twitter
Or tell everyone you've just uploaded a new blog post? anyone
Submit info to a news site? @smhnews
Review a book? @nybooks
Host a wine tasting? @ProjectVino
Meet designers?
Find accommodation for holidays in Australia? @stayz
Track photos of an old school friend? @SAReunited
Find someone to help you get over your breakup? @ReboundFinder
Beat Reuters at photographing a terrorist attack in Mumbai? @Vinu

There is nothing that you cannot do or read about on Twitter.

Users have posted details of their own child birth experience @fatbellybella. Or witnessed and taken photos of the terrorist attack in Mumbai @Vinu.

People have started companies, invented a new design, invited people to a conference and had a cup of coffee.

In 140 characters everyone is turning to Twitter to tell the world what they are doing.

Some are falling in love or selecting a book to read. Others are signing up million dollar deals or launching their first book or adopting a pet. Some are taking their children to school, researching information or eating dinner. Some are shopping for a great pair of shoes, editing a good magazine to read or trying to find their next holiday destination.

People are Tweeting about their abuse, leaving someone they love or falling in love. People are at home, updating their websites, writing a blog post, cooking a meal, or driving in traffic, crying, watching a movie or getting home from work.

Thousands of people are marketing their businesses, building their brands and meeting people on Twitter who can share information.

Whatever you want to use Twitter for, it has fast become an invaluable resource and information and amazing way to connect with people who share your interests,whether you use it for business, marketing and brand building or you can become a user and start your own Twitter page to make friends and connect with other people, because on Twitter you will find someone you have something in common with.

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