Thursday, April 30, 2009

Online ...changes everything

There is nothing you cannot do online (and yes even form relationships with others, here's a link to the guy who petitioned to marry an anime character, because he wanted to inhabit a two dimensional world.

Online, you can:

* Shop for groceries.
* Choose and buy clothes
* Buy tickets for anything, practically anywhere
* Receive discounts for just about anything or shop round for the cheapest furniture, books, clothes, food, equipment, flats, houses, cars and holiday destinations.
* Make friends with anyone, anywhere.
* Cyber date
* Play online games where you can actually chat to characters, and hang out with them from the comfort of your living room
* Bet money (and lose A LOT of money on poker, backgammon, you name it)
* Skype and talk to friends, partners, grandchildren for free anywhere in the world
* Listen to music
* Watch DVDs, episodes of TV programmes
* Join fan pages
* Write emails
* Start a blog
* Host an event
* Join a Meet Up group
* Pay bills
* Do all your banking
* Get advice from other moms, bodybuilders, book readers, business owners ...

* Take Quizzes
* Read magazines or books
* Visit museums and take virtual tours
* Sell your house, furniture, car
* Buy and sell pets
* Research information on anything, movies, arts, news, finance, start ups, dresses ... on any search site
* Find a friend - old school friends, contacts, business people to network with
* Find something to do if you're staying in a strange city ... just Google the city
* Book a hotel room or change to a different hotel room
* If you're in a new city find someone to have coffee with with sites like Twitter
* Buy gifts for anyone, hampers for your boss, baby gifts for you cousins overseas, a gift for yourself.
* Track news and events, find people and events that you like
* Dissect a virtual frog
* Find a clean toilet in Tokyo
* Find the nearest hospital, lunch venue, church, doctor, back packer bar.
* Look for jobs
* Learn how to fix something, or clean a stain or mend something in the house
* Replace a product
* Burst bubbles
* Do a course
* Get a wake up call or a reminder
* Remember birthdays

With so much to do on the Internet and with access to anything ... we are all moving so quickly and we expect immediacy.

Does this mean you feel more or less connected to others? Do you prefer doing everything online?

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