Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twitter updates ...

which changed the world.

Have a look.

Twitter has become recognised as a breaking new source and helps raise money for charity via a variety of sources.

Babies Tweet their kicks and people get offered jobs.

There are even marriage proposals.

So if we're looking at an effective tool for a business, if your business supports a charity and wants to raise funds or host a tea ... use Twitter, invite locals to participate. If you have a launch, or want to meet some locals for an after work chat ... this is the tool for you.

The most effective way to build your brand on Twitter and to get a following is by participating. By updating relevant information, by answering questions and by responding to each other. If you really have a great brand or event or charity or something you wish to share find and follow locals who have things in common with you.

It's not the only marketing tool that is available to use for business. If you have a business page on Facebook, a blog, a website, a tool for people to send you messages ... you're doing what seems to be the most important thing in business today communicating authentically.

As you can see there have been some unique moments on Twitter.

All you do have to remember though is that it is public and open to anyone who wants to view a subject matter. Anything you say in 140 characters is open to thousands of people ... everywhere.

Use all the free social networking and marketing tools and sites wisely.

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