Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your profile

Your profile allows people to identify with you.

It gives people an idea of who you are, what you read, what music you listen to and where you live without you going into the nitty gritty and the really personal intricate stuff that really only your significant other and close friends should be privy to.

Think of your profile a bit like the generic getting to know you small talk before an interview commences or small talk at a social business function.

If you have a blog, a website, an online business there should be an about me section and you can tell readers about your award winning food, favourite TV programmes, best book you've ever read and what you love doing on your day off without mentioning a really intimate personal detail.

A profile gives people an indication of who you are. A little bit of a stater which you can relate to your brand an business. Here is where you write about your achievements, your signature pastry, your designer shoes ... it's a little about you.

I can help you put together a profile which captures some of you but not all of you. I'll add a glimpse of you to the generic profile. I'll present you in the best light and we'll detail interesting things about your brand, your business and yourself.

It will give readers of your website or blog an idea of who you are, the person you are and the company/brand/blog.

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