Thursday, January 22, 2009

who would you rather talk to and do business with?

Someone who is genuine and authentic or someone who you are not too sure about and is very evasive about a brand or product?

Someone who is positive and sees a solution, is innovative enough to take a risk and who is proactive or someone who is laissez faire, lethargic or someone who couldn't care less one way or another?

I 'd go for the first choice in both the above.

It seems now that people want authenticity. They want someone who can do, who is more than happy to do with a smile on their face.

In a time of networking and thousands of innovative ways of social and online networking, people are leaning towards positivity and happiness. People tend to go to inspiring talks and meetings and buy brands or are loyal to brands who they feel are genuine. People are interested in working and having a work/life balance. And people are finding authenticity in their work really helps promote their work, work can make people happy.

Now that we are networking and making contacts all over the world, our ability to be innovative, to generate ideas and to be proactive is taking social networking and social media to laptops and computers everywhere.

Like Converse which supports RED and designers have made hundreds of Converse RED shoes to sell internationally. They're funky and innovative designs and they support an important charity.

Or a news site which gives people happy news, written by journalists and they cover all news genres, showing that there are great things in the world, medical research, massive foundations giving to charities and even a page link to heroes.

"Live the life you love, love the life you live."
Bob Marley

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