Thursday, January 15, 2009

Local Business

One of the best ways to support local business people is to shop locally and find shops and people who are treasures.

When we shop, we love going somewhere where we can spend our time looking and can chat with the owners.

So I am finding local shops, cafe and business people in Sydney who make us want to network with them.

Dragonfly Floral Design is one of those places. The shop is sheer perfection, everything feels as if it has been selected by hand and everything is carefully priced with a special tag. They have flowers in the back and a wide range of lanterns, baskets, candles, toys and unique products which all would make beautiful gifts.

While I shopped for some gifts, I chatted to the owner who loves what she does. She has a passion for the service she offers and everything in the shop comes carefully tagged and wrapped with their logo.

They also cater for events, weddings, corporate events and even offer people flowers at home - so if you're in need of flowers, gifts or someone to cater your next event, everything in this shop is perfectly wrapped and beautiful to look at.

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