Wednesday, December 17, 2008

marketing ...

Marketing sounds like a lot of work doesn't it?

Especially when you own a small business or if you're only a one man team. There is so much to do in a day which is usually just the general administration of a business. You have to buy/sell your products, answer enquiries, attend to customer service, pay the bills, open/close, clean, tally up at the end of the day and constantly monitor and assess your business.

Sometimes some aspects of business can take months to do, if you have conferences or a major purchase, a move or a sale ... suddenly you're inundated with work and very little time and it is so much harder when you have to think of marketing and getting more business, more customers, more ideas and more products.

But I have learnt from having my own small business that marketing is incredible. It is incredibly rewarding. and it is a social aspect of the business. You get to meet people, to talk about your business and your ideas and you find support.

There is a lot of research in marketing. There are a lot of events, groups, clubs and meetings you can attend. A lot of networking is related to an individual industry so you get to meet and liaise and exchange cards with people who not only understand your business but you can somehow connect and exchange ideas and bring in even more business.

And it is amazing how even if you are time poor, attending a specific event or going to a specific function, club or meeting can increase your business exposure.

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