Friday, December 19, 2008

Connecting ...

Everything seems to have become immediately attainable.

From getting in a car and driving to see a movie. Or clicking your computers on and sending/receiving emails. Then there is online shopping and grocery shopping. Everything can be done so quickly and it is becoming frustrating when the system is slow, or the queue is long, or the product we want to purchase is not in stock.

We are slowly becoming used to and expectant of immediacy.

There are meals you can make in two minutes. Everything is faster. We eat on the run, we send emails and expect replies within the hour never mind within the day. And we have our mobile send/receive texts no matter where we are.

We are extremely connected.

We can access news sites from all over the world and radio stations in any language. We can shop from Indie book shops in America to gourmet grocery shops in France providing they deliver to Australia.

And this connectivity, this constant interaction is great for connecting with people. We can send emails within the hour because we have access to our laptops and mobile phones. We can stay connected.

It's important for a small business man to respond to emails and to stay in the loop and to stay connected. It's just a matter of finding the right connections and receiving the right invites and emails.

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