Sunday, December 14, 2008


Marketing is on the increase.

Most companies and businesses have websites. A lot of companies and small businesses have blogs, some of which are excellent tools for small business.

Blogs give tips, advice and information as well as links to other websites and ideas for business people. They're also a great way of communicating especially if you are in the industry. You can comment on blogs leaving a link to your blog URL or your business website and increase your business exposure.

And blogs are easy to maintain. You just need someone who will regularly research your industry and contribute blog posts to the blog.

Blog posts are considered online journals so if you're a small business you can inform people who are reading your blog what the industry you work in is like. You can tell people what kind of work you do, what meetings you attend, what projects you are undertaking and share relevant information about your business with them.

Blogs have proven an extremely effective marketing tool, because daily posts make your business more accessible. And major companies use their blogs to inform people about the history of Coca-Cola or flights on airlines or what interns do at newspapers. It is an interesting and informative way of communicating. And you never know who will benefit from the information you are resourcing.

And it works both ways. If your small business is researching your industry news and sharing, you will certainly find people who have something to say about the information or add to a post you will have written. You can communicate with people from all over the world and increase your business exposure in the best way for your business, in the most authentic way.

And I can show you how simple that is.

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