Monday, October 8, 2012

13 Social Media Tips for Business

Here are 13 tips from Social Status on Facebook to help you grow your social media activities online and to raise your profiles!

1. Go Green! 15 Ways to Use Social Media for Green Good -

2. 19 Twitter Tips for Newbies (or Helpful Reminders for Not-So-Newbies) -

3. Social Media Quick Tips Straight from the SMILE (Social Media, the Internet and Law Enforcement) Conference - 

4. Learn from The NSW Police - who have made excellent use of social media and formed a vast online connection with their community all over NSW.
With over 100 Facebook pages for each local area, a Twitter account, a YouTube account , 195 Eyewatch Facebook groups - NSWPOL has just won “ConnectedCOPS Award of Excellence at a Large Agency” for overall excellence in the use of social media.

5. Social Media Tips for Accountants -  

6. 5 Tips for Smart Email Marketing -

7. Facebook Tip: Make sure all your privacy settings are correct. You can also choose what information you share on Facebook and with whom -

8. Monitor all your social media accounts - respond to queries, respond to mentions, check your insights and analytics tools -

9.  Clean out any spam accounts on Twitter, check your Facebook likes, check your sources on Pinterest, use a spam filter on your emails and check all the comments and responses on each account.

10. If you have a bricks and mortar business where people can walk in to access your products or services - Use Foursquare -

11. Use social media management tools to listen to and monitor/manage your social media platforms online. Here is a breakdown of some of the best social media management tools for small businesses

12. Seek Inspiration. Search quotes, tips, tools, resources, images or ideas for a potential blog post. Like and comment on other people's blogs, pages, accounts and profiles. Spend 5 minutes everyday on getting inspiration - here is a place to start -

13. Read as much as you can! Set up Google Alerts, Google Reader and a Flipboard account  - so you can keep track of news, blogs, Tweets, Facebook updates, comments, eBooks, guides, resources - the more you know the more in tune your social media will be!

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