Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spotlight ... Bay Medical Australia

I’d like to draw attention to Bay Medical Australia and their use of social media to build their awareness and profile online.

Their Facebook page focuses on fun content as well as marketing their products.
They have made great use of unusual images and medical facts which they have found on the net, making their Facebook page an enjoyable page to visit.

They have made great use of National Days and used Lemonade Day to feature a lemon scrub driving attention towards the scrubs they sell and the people who will purchase their products.
They engage with their fans by encouraging making up captions for  images and make great use of humour.

They also spend a lot of time featuring links to trending news items and use information well for their content and focus on light hearted and informative content to drive their brand.

On Twitter @BayMedAustralia connects with people in their industry, makes great use of links to images and unusual quirky content such as medical facts and images and they actively respond to ReTweets or mentions and use  hashtags to drive their products.

My favourite is their Pinterest account where they actively link (or pin) a broad mix of content highlighting medical and fun facts, information, humour and share fun things that they have found. 

They have made amazing use of boards like Hot in Scrubs which appeals to TV and movie lovers -  I mean anyone loves a hot doctor in scrubs – right?

So why am I highlighting this brand? It is clear that Bay Medical Australia has a target market of nurses, vets, doctors and other medical personnel who purchase their products yet also need some light-hearted humour relating to their industry.

Instead of focusing on their products alone on each platform, Bay Medical Australia has broadened their content to include, facts, tips, images and humour to build a relationship with their fans, followers and other pinners.

By making their platforms interesting and focusing on the medical industry; they have proven that social media can be very beneficial when used as part of their advertising and marketing. The important thing is that they enjoy using social media and connecting with people and this shows!

Bay Medical Australia supplies scrubs to Offspring and Bondi Vet and throughout the month of September for every Teal scrub sold a donation will be given to Ovarian Cancer Australia. have a look at their range of scrubs and Workwear -

Social Media can be part of your marketing package. It can be used to highlight your business, promote your products and reach a wider range of people. I happily follow Bay Medical Australia on each platform and they have inspired some of my own social media content.
Don’t worry about whether you can do social media *well; just start interacting and have fun. It really shows and it makes for a very pleasant and interactive relationship with a business.

*However, be aware of social media etiquette and practices as well as using each platform wisely. Make use of linking to others, cite original sources and adhere to each platform (or network’s) terms and conditions.


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