Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Best of 2011

My 2011, and a little of the best - focusing on social media and learning:

3. Mashable's Awards (5th)  - winners announced (social media, entertainment, business, technology)  -

5.  My best book of the year - I'm Feeling Lucky  - The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 - Douglas Edwards - although technically not a marketing or a business how to book, I'd give this to anyone wanting to learn about business -it's an incredible and insightful book about Google.

6. Amazon's Best Books of the Year (so far) - 
- read, read, read!

7. My best social media/marketing blog - We Are Social -
it's mainly info about the UK, I think their Mashups are extremely valuable!

9. My best ad of the year (funny and brilliant) -  by New Zealand's Transport Agency -  
if you love ads (or work in advertising) - Best ads (interactive, TV, print and outdoor) week by week -
(a fantastic resource)

10. My best Facebook community page - Toby the Wonderdog - - where pet owners come and share their pet stories.

12. 5 Twitter people I admire and learnt from this year (trust me I have zillions!):

13. and lucky last - my best two free eBook providers (just need to give some details and download)
Hubspot - whitepapers and eBooks -

14. Bonus! Here's a free eBook library - focusing on marketing -

15. And if any of you are looking for blogs/bloggers  - (or just to learn and connect) here's The Best Australian Blogs 2011 winners (and others) a competition run by the Sydney Writer's Centre

Social Status will be open over the holiday season, so if you need anything (training, tips or advice), give me a call, Tweet, email, comment on Facebook or even arrange to meet me for a coffee (gasp!)

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and for those of you finishing work this week - a wonderful new year!

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