Friday, December 9, 2011

5 social media resources on tools and advice

Chris Brogan said ” There are lots of people throwing “social media expert” out there. Hell, I had it as part of my “about” on my blog, but I’ve chosen to just say that I advise people. It’s more accurate, because expertise is fairly darned fleeting out there right now.”

Here are 5 resources I have come across, with advice, tools, suggestions and tips - to help you with your social media.

1. 12 Best Social Media Tools You Should Be Using  - try out some of these tools - John Paul advises that you "Find a few you like and work for you and learn to use that tool perfectly to get the best results."

2. Want to be successful on social media? - Listen to your mother - all the advice given to Michelle Shaeffer and how she  believes it applies to social media.
3. Passion and honesty in your writing will help you build a relationship with your community - so radian6 encourages you to Write passion into your social media content 
 4.  Social Rabbit believes that owning a dog and using social media have more in common than you may have realised - 6 things dogs and social media have in common 
5. Is your business ready for social media next year? - here are some templates from to help you plan and give your business direction.

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