Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Market, market, market your business ...

Google Maps is an excellent way to market and promote a business, you can send all sorts of information to your customers and clients.

I have used my listing to promote my services, added opening hours, which areas I serve (Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the City) and included my contact number, website and blog.

When you sign up and make an initial listing, Google sends a postcard to you with a number to verify your listing and once you have decided how to market and promote your listing online and add payment details, opening hours, contact information and other relevant details for your company; clients and consumers can find your business on Google Maps.

It's a free listing which can be seen world wide and it opens up other alternatives; which other sites can you use to list your business for free and drive more clients to your website, business or blog?

I am going to be spending the next few days finding the best business directories and alternatives to list my business. It's another way to keep your business active and build up a brand for your company or business.

Make sure that all the information you submit online compliments each other and helps drive clients to your website, business or blog. Check carefully that your important details such as your contact number and email address can click directly to your email address and site. The more interactive your listings are the better because people who are generally time poor do not want to waste their time trying to find a way to contact you.

Any way you can market and promote your business will help clients and consumers find you and contact you. Keep on marketing, listing, adding to directories and promoting your business but try not to overwhelm people with unnecessary information.

Find ways to make yourself seen online; have a few business cards handy when you make contact with someone who might be interested in either using your services or recommending your services to someone else.

Market both online and socially by talking about your business and the services you offer to people who are curious about or interested in what kind of work you do. Like real estate agents with their location, location, location spiel, we as social media people can learn to love the words, market, connect, publicise, promote and communicate.

Now say that last line three times.

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