Friday, May 7, 2010

Being aware ...

Social Media is brilliant for raising awareness. Of your business and your business profile. Of events and industry events in the city.

Of coffee meetups where you can meet people who love working in the same industry as you do. And who can recommend a great graphic designer, or painter or shop fitter or blogger and talk about their own experiences.

Social Media makes you aware of how quickly this has become part of our lives. It's been maybe 3 years that social media has become so huge on the Internet and most people view Facebook regularly, Tweet at least once a day and check out social media sites for all sorts of information, facts and insight.

I learn about events in Sydney, get social media advice, read blog posts, connect to writers, read the latest book reviews and get so much information the second I switch on my laptop in the mornings. I follow people I love hearing about and I look up to people who are genuine and seem to be constantly on the go.

Social Media also helps build community awareness, you can find charity events and foundations to support. It's a business tool especially LinkedIn which is used by proffessionals who have connections with other proffessionals and used LinkedIn to keep up with their own industry and employ people who they feel have the know how and experience.

If anyone asks if social media is a good business tool, my answer is a rather loud and excited, yes. I learn everyday, I am in touch with the book industry and the social media industry. I know which coffee meetings would benefit me and I am building up my knowledge of networking events to attend.

It builds and raises industry awareness. And it is far from a time waster, everything I am curious about and learn about on social media sites; I put it into practice in my own business and follow, connect with and find people who have similar interests and experience.

It is a tool. It will help in a job interview. It will help with your business. It can be free marketing if used authentically. It can raise awareness.

Social media is all about what you can learn and gain by having the knowledge and ability to find out what works for you, what benefits your business and how you can use social media sites wisely and effectively.