Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The place for a bargain ...

Read this article, it is about how companies are using social networks to gain followers while giving them bargains or discounts.

Companies are using social media to gain attention by making it fun and useful for customers to interact with them. It is not only about pushing products or services; it's a way for businesses to make an impact on the public and strengthen their own brands.

400 people weekly Tweet, I am entering followed by #CrustFreePizzaFriday to win a free pizza by 12pm every Friday. This generates through word of mouth and also by the fact that Crust Pizza has delicious pizzas.

How do you benefit by using social media sites?

By being authentic and sincere and active on social media sites.

And if you can afford to give away prizes such as publishing houses who give away books as prizes in response to people who answer book questions correctly. This helps builds a realtionship with the public.

People are learning that using social media helps their businesses and brands. If you have the time to use social sites on a regular basis and respond to people on Twitter and Facebook, and if you are active on social media sites; you're showing how willing you are to listen to and engage with the public. And get a following of people who will promote your business for you.

Crust Pizza uses in store sales systems and a lotalty programme and gives away pizzas on Friday. Pretty simple marketing and incentives and highly effective.

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