Monday, March 30, 2009

Tools for work

Work isn't just work.

Well of course it is, but how do we grow and develop and learn if we're not finding new ways to do things. I have a desitre to be innovative and to improve my skills.

I love:

Twitter - from personal information about peoples' lives to article links, to blog links, to marketing tips, to advice for business people, it is and has been an effective marketing tool. I have learnt a great deal of business information from using Twitter.

Google - If I need to know anything at all, I can find any answer I need and if I need more reference or better answers I ask Jeeves or simply Ask.

I visit news sites every day to stay in the loop, including blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds publishing houses and literary agents feeds.

When I have a task to do, I look and search for examples so I can learn to do things better.

We're lucky we have so much information open and available to us to use and benefit from. From Forbes to the Herald to bloggers and to whatever industry we are in.

It's not just about networking or being social, it's also about learning skills and staying informed.

What do you use to keep you informed?

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