Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Secret Millionaire

Money is not everything when you're a Secret Millionaire.

A lot of the secret millionaires had tough starts to life and grew up in dogdy neighbour hoods and worked hard to build their lives up.

Then they got selected to be on a reality TV show and faced their pasts, or went to a poor neighbourhood and worked in cafes, in takeaway outlets, in nursing homes or at community centres to see and meet people who were stuck, or who didn't have enough money to get by or do what they needed to do.

Most of these millionaires really connected with the people who helped others. Like a mum helping single women getting their lives on track while living in a tiny apartment herself. Or a community centre ensuring that kids get off the streets. Or a centre which feed the homeless. It is up to the millionaire to decide who to help, who to give the money to, who will benefit from their help.

And the people they have given money to have brought a bus to help people get out of the nursing homes, or build a kitchen, or really help single women. They've taken the money and really helped each other, really benefited and bettered their situations.

Most of the Secret Millionaires have become mentors, they still visit the communities, they've aided and assisted the communities and made genuine friends with the people they came to help and actually discovered that they found themselves instead.

This is not marketing, this is not a millionaire sitting at home surrounded by his/her success - this is something that really works. People really benefit, really help each other, really form friendships and really see how their hard work means that money does mean something ... if you put it in the right hands.

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