Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Internet and Computer Basics for Beginners/Seniors: Resources (Computer and Internet safety and privacy)

An overview of computers:

Computer glossary toolkit -

1) Practice using the mouse –

2) Practice using the keyboard -

3) Play a mouse game -

4) Try a computer quiz (just for fun and might challenge you to ask even more questions   -

5) The computer keyboard is commonly known as the Qwerty Keyboard – here is why

6) List of all your computer keys:

7) All the Keyboard keys you will need to use:

8) List of all the Function Keys:

9) Please note that Apple’s computer keyboards, operating system, programme functions etc.  have different functions, tools and features-

Internet safety and privacy: 

How the internet works - 

3) A Guide to Getting Started on the Internet   -  intended for internet novices, this site offers help with email, jargon and searching for information -

4) Internet Basics -
5) Cybersafety -

6) Computer Security -

7) Internet Tips and list of Answers -

8) Security for Senior computer users

9) Social Media Rules for Seniors -

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