Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Want to be a better Blogger?

Last Saturday, Nuffnang held the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 in Melbourne, which enabled Bloggers to meet each other and attend 7 masterclasses.
During the Blogopolis, Bree from The Blog Stylist was live Tweeting and live Blogging the day.

Bree managed to keep both attendees and non attendees well informed throughout the day and rounded up each presentation. Thanks to Bree blogging about each class and tools mentioned during the day to enabled everyone to access content and keep up to date.

This list will certainly help anyone who wants to blog, to use and interact with others, to insert content into their blogs, to provide excellent pictures and to make use of  the tools that have been used and are highly recommended:

Read each of Bree's blog posts with information about the 7 masterclasses of the day - her involvement shows that is you are having an event or a conference - live blogging and Tweeting of the day assists the attendees yet also helps you connect with non attendees who find the information, Tweets and roundups of each session very helpful.

By Tweeting, posting information and content live, you are providing a helpful resource. People love to share, to comment, to respond to each other.

By using social media tools, it showed that actively using social media, makes the best use of social media - engaging.

Follow Bree from The Blog Stylist on The Blog Stylist  and thanks to the Nuffnang Roundup, here are people to follow so you can use social media wisely and blog, blog, blog!

1. Tools of the TradeKey Points
Nicole Avery – @planningqueenMichael Aulia – @michaelaulia + Blogopolis blog post
Arnold Aranez – @mr_gadget
2. Blog PhotographyKey Points
Danielle Melnyczenko – @danimezza
Minh Giang – @minhg
3. Improving Blog ContentKey Points
Christie Burnett – @childhood101Susan Thye – @chocolatesuzeNikki Parkinson – @stylingyou
4. Working with BrandsKey Points
Andrew Hughes – @y0z2a
Jaclyn Ely – @jaciely
5. Editorial vs. AdvertorialKey Points
Nikki Parkinson – @stylingyouPhoebe Montague – @ladymelbourneDavid Krupp – @davekruppArnold Aranez – @mr_gadget
Jeff Tan – @jeff_iprospect
6. Blog Branding & MarketingKey Points
Darren Rowse – @problogger
7. The Australian BlogosphereKey Points
Candice Deville – @superkawaiimama
Darren Rowse – @problogger
Eden Riley – @edenland
Helen Yee – @grabyourfork
Nicole Avery – @planningqueen

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