Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking advantage ...

It's nearly the end of the year!

Soon it will be holidays, Christmas, New Year's, school holidays and no doubt work and businesses will slow down (and close for a few weeks!).

So, now is the chance to do an event, do some marketing and promoting and do something that will carry your business over the December/January lull.

Over the next few weeks in November, do something, a small end of the year thing, a Christmas event, a function and carry on marketing the business.

This is a great time to network.

Join http://www.meetup.com/ and find some business/ Christmas networking events you can attend over the next two months. Get yourself invited to functions, art exhibitions, dinners, after work drinks with meetups and businesses in your industry and say yes to a few dos over the next two months or so.

It's all about networking over the quiet period.

Even if this is a quieter time of the year and things are slowing down, you want to be thought of when business picks up again.

So do a small event or function or end of the year, something to promotyour industry, small busness or workplace. Make some more business cads and take advantage of the social scene, the Christmas events, drinks and parties which you can attend.

You never know who you will meet now, who can benefit you next year.

And don't think of it as a quiet period, put together some marketing strategies and come up with some events, launches and ideas for February next year. Start preparing now; this quiet period will give you the chance to think, to assess the past year and come up with something and get ready for the next year.

There are hundreds of meetups to choose from and dozens of marketing, small business and networking opportunities.

This is a great time of the year to take advantage and tackle the marketing/promoting and networking side of your business.


  1. Million thanks for www.meetup.com. Already created a meet up group! thanks dude..very interesting!!

    Social Networking Questionnaire

  2. Good! I hope you have found some benefit from meetup.com groups and so glad for you!