Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing Aware Net Connect ...

As part of my business Social Status, I have seen the need to raise consciousness over the Internet (in regards to usage amongst all users, young and old)

I have developed an educational component called Aware Net Connect to educate users, small businesses, home based businesses, teens and adults, in fact every one who uses the Internet to discuss privacy issues, photos, work issues, social issues especially with parents who have young children and teens and what sort of information should be left private amongst real friends and 'privacy' of information on the Internet.
I would like to discuss and raise issues regarding, age, information, friends, groups, meetings, messages and how to keep young children, teens and even adults informed of and on the Internet.
I will be holding reasonably priced educational workshops and seminars with schools, parents, students and business owners regarding sites and issues I or others have personally experienced and raise all of our social consciousness together.

In the meantime, I have started a group

Please feel free to tell your co workers, family and friends and contact me if you’d like any information about either Social Status or Aware Net Connect. 

Both parts of my business work alongside each other to make every user Internet savvy!

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