Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop dies

This is a brilliant time for anyone out there in the music business to promote and market how Michael Jackson gave us years and years of his music.

I am hoping that a CD will be released of his best songs and that singers and bands will throw this man a concert in his honour.

Michael Jackson had passion about music and a love of music that lasted his entire lifetime.

The amount of people who grew up on his music or were influenced by his rhythm or his ways of interpreting dance must be in the millions.

We all have that in common. On terms of what we can do as networkers, marketers and people who look for influence and inspiration in the world, Michael Jackson had that.

Despite the bad press and all the accusations and the fact that Michael Jackson himself seemed to be so oblivious to his strange comments, the upbringing of his children, his nose and the fact that he truly believed he was Peter Pan, the world will mourn the death of our icon.

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