Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sites for the unemployed ...

Ok, so you're unemployed and it's an easy time to get negative and to stay at home on the couch watching lousy day time TV.

There are not a lot of jobs out there especially if you are in the US and even here in Sydney, hundreds of people are applying for the same jobs I am so I am only hearing back from one or two.

I apply for at least 6-8 jobs a day, sent my resume to as many agencies as I can and all my friends know I am unemployed. I have written blog posts about it, found support from friends and family and am sharing my umeployment on Twitter.

I feel that if I can be positive and open about the fact that I am looking for work is much better than sitting at home being depressed. I am looking for options and part time/ contract work as well.

Some people in the US are taking it even further , Beverly Shepard is offering someone money who can find her a full time job.

Other people have posted video resumes on You Tube, have set up marketing and email campaigns and have contacted hundreds of people. Some people have been incredibly inventive with video marketing and a range of other incentives to get work.

I think do what you feel comfortable with. If you want to make a video profile of yourself and your resume, go ahead. Print flyers, make an email campaign, contact people who are your friends and let them know.

For some, this may be the worst of times. For every low, there will be a high.

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