Thursday, February 12, 2009

On being genuine in business ...

Here is a blog which finds and blogs about Authentic Organizations.

As a newcomer to the business world and having been in marketing and communications for 4 years while working in an office for over 7 years before then, I can honestly say that I have developed my skills by following people like Richard Branson who really is authentic, innovative and enthusiastic and one of my favourite people Paul Arden.

Paul Arden was the Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi for 14 years. Paul Arden truly was authentic and original. He thought, he constantly came up with ideas and he just came across as a true leader.

I loved his authenticity and his books which wanted to teach people to think the opposite. He was a self educated man, he was quite critical but he must have been an extraordinary man to work with. He truly believed in trying, in self educating, in taking risks and no matter how difficult he may have come across he was completely genuine.

He wrote two books and he really shares his own learning experiences by encouraging readers. I own both of these books and they have been incredibly helpful.

It was more important for him to try new things, to make hard choices, to not be sensible, to take the hard path ... then it was for him to be liked.

As a result, he was highly respected.


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  2. I completely agree, the best business is honest business.
    Check out the movie 'Flash of Genius' True Story!